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  • Damn.  Jeremy Affeldt got signed (U.S.S. Mariner)
  • LaRue on front-office changes.  Looks like they are changing the player development philosophy.  Good call. (Mariners Insider)(Seattle Times)
  • Ben Davis is trying to become a pitcher? (Mariners Insider)
  • Manager rumors (Mariners Insider)
  • The BBWAA sucks.  Yea they got Pujols right, but Ryan Howard?  Chase Utley 15th?  Can we create a real MVP award and just stop reporting anything the BBWAA does? (Lookout Landing)

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I know this is two days late. Sorry.

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New Future Forty!!!! Links, too

  • Dave with a Future Forty update.  After I look at it closer I might post some thoughts (U.S.S. Mariner)  Basically, this is the best resource around in terms of assessing the Mariner's talent depth, along with...
  • PROSPECT INSIDER! It's back!  Great news all around.  Go check it out, it is updated with tons of content that I havn't linked to (Prospect Insider) (Bleeding Blue & Teal)(Mariner Melee)
  • Baker with some surprising accurate and unexpected criticism of the Gold Glove system.  With his recent endorsement of the Fielding Bible Awards, is Baker coming around to some of the stat heads perspective?  And the term "Rust Glove" is my new favorite baseball term.  (Seattle Times)
  • Jon Shields on the Gold Gloves.  Same criticisms as everyone else.  (Bleeding Blue & Teal)
  • LaRue.  (Mariners Insider)
  • Melee on the Gloves (Mariner Melee)
  • Jim Street on the Gold Glove winners (Official Site)
  • Conor Glassey on the Gold Gloves. (U.S.S. Mariner)
  • Jeff Sullivan compares Mark Ellis and Manny Ramirez (Lookout Landing)
  • Sullivan on Gold Glove voting (Lookout Landing)
  • Looks like Zduriencik reads Derek Zumsteg (U.S.S. Mariner)
  • Please let this rumor be true.  (Bleeding Blue & Teal)

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Depressed Day After Postings

For the record, yesterdays election was historic.  For social progress, yesterday will always be a historic day.  That said, the media coverage of the entire Obama campaign, and his performance during it sickens me.  Never before has a candidate been allowed to lie outright to the American people without fear of media backlash.  Never before has a Vice Presidential candidate been vetted more thoroughly by the media than a Presidential candidate, especially when the other VP choice is the one who has been making the ridiculous statements (for 30 years no less).  America will survive Obama, just as it survived FDR, LBJ, and Carter.  Hopefully the trajectory follows the Carter path, which is likely, given Obama's troubling similarities to the peanut farmer.  But the real legacy of the 2008 election will be the death of the mainstream media, or at least that the general public now recognizes the medias obvious biases.  Just like in sports, alternative media exists, providing vastly superior news coverage to that of the MSM.  That will be the real Obama revolution.

Now, Mariner Links
  • LaRue.  You know what to expect. (Mariners Insider, More)(And more)
  • Dave Cameron on a rumor that probably has no real source but would cause extreme jubilation in the Mariner's blogosphere: unloading Yuni (biggest black hole on the roster excluding pitchers) for the USEFUL Billy Butler.  (U.S.S. Mariner)
  • Larry Stone comes up with a list of FA's for Zduriencik to consider.  He stole abot half this list from Dave Cameron, and the other half is pretty much exclusively bad ideas.  (Seattle Times)
  • Overbay to Seattle?  No doubt he is an upgrade, but couldn't we equal his production with guys like Brad Nelson?  (Bleeding Blue & Teal)
  • Derek Zumsteg on Ned Yost.  My feelings exactly.  (U.S.S. Mariner)
  • Beyond the Box Score on the best RFs in baseball.  He says the advanced metrics underrate Ichiro, is this true?  I have never heard this from Dave or Derek, or anyone on LL, so I'm not sure.  (Beyond the Box Score)
  • Jim Street reports the Mariners met with Junichi Tazawa (Hot Stove Blog).  Street also says that R.A. Dickey will work with legendary knuckler Phil Niekro in the offseason.  If his knuckler can improve, I am all for keeping him around, having a knuckleball in the bullpen is a rare weapon that could be especially effective after our flamethrowers (King Felix and Morrow).  Plus, it keeps an emergency starter on the roster, which, given the state of the Mariner's pitching depth, is extraordinarily valuable.  (Official Site)
  • Baker on RRS.  Good read, Baker at his finest (Seattle Times).
  • Mariner Melee on Yuni-Butler.  Of course he is all for it (Mariner Melee)
  • Derek Zumsteg on longtime USSM commenter scraps, who is recovering from a stroke.  Our thoughts go out to him (U.S.S. Mariner)
  • Now Jon Shields is reporting on the Yuni to Roayls rumors.  Please let this talk continue (Bleeding Blue & Teal)
  • Shields on a deal that would bring Matsui to Seattle for RRS.  I like Matsui, and based on contributions to winning, then it makes sense, but Matsui makes a ton of money and doesn't fit in to Mariner plans for rebuilding.  Plus he sucks in the outfield and the last thing we need is another Ibanez.  Although, now that I think about it, if he only has one more year left on his deal and can put up Ibanez numbers, then maybe we could get draft picks.  But, really, trading RRS without getting a pitcher back given the state of our rotation is gonna be a tough sell.  (Bleeding Blue & Teal)
  • NL Gold Glvoes are out.  As usual, they suck.  Although I have heard that Beltre and Ichiro are gonna get them tomorrow, which doesn't suck.  (Bleeding Blue & Teal)
  • Official Site on the manager search.  (Official Site)
  • Jeff Sullivan on the hilarity that is Willie Ballgame being represented by Scott Freakin' Boras (Lookout Landing)
  • Mariner Melee on Matsui (Mariner Melee)

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Election Day Links

  • Jon Shields on Putz suitors (Bleeding Blue & Teal)
  • Larry LaRue has (surprise!) unsubstantiated rumors (Mariners Insider)(More) And, more manager rumors (Here)
  • Dave Cameron on LaRue (U.S.S. Mariner)
  • Larry Stone on offseason goals (ESPN)
  • Geoff Baker on rumor mongering and its place in baseball.  I agree with his larger point (that rumors should be reported, and that sources who continuously report bogus rumors lose credibility) but his initial inspiration to the post was in response to USSM's Dave Cameron posting about Bob Boone now being a managerial candidate simply because he said he wanted the job.  That is the kind of rumor that should not be published.  (Seattle Times)
  • Willie Ballgame is represented by Scott Boras.  One more reason not to resign him.  (Seattle Times)
  • Baker on Ibanez (Seattle Times)
  • Derek Zumsteg on Carl Pavano of all players (U.S.S. Mariner)
  • Mariner Melee on Mike Wilson (Mariner Melee)
  • Lookout Landing's Jeff Sullivan on defense and Adrien Beltre (Lookout Landing)

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More Mariner Links

  • Mariner Melee on possible off-season moves.  Don't like some of his major league ideas, but the minor league contracts are smart and low-risk (Mariner Melee)
  • Derek Zumsteg with a chart of Gillick built team ages, he promises more to come (U.S.S. Mariner)
  • Jim Street has a new mailbag (Official Site)
  • Larry LaRue on the lack of action before the winter meetings (Mariners Insider) UPDATE: Zduriencik is callng other organizations (Here) UPDATE:  Bob Boone says he would like to manage the M's. Ugh. (Mariners Insider)
  • Mike Cameron's option picked up, throwing a wrench into a lot of off-season Mariner plans.  For the record, Dave Cameron predicted this on FanGraphs by demonstrating the value that Cammie provided the Brewers with could not be found on the open market for cheaper.  (Bleeding Blue & Teal)
  • Dave Cameron on the high point of the M's season: King Felix hits a grand salami off of Johan Santana! (FanGraphs)
  • Dave Cameron on the current Mariner rotation candidates (U.S.S. Mariner)
  • Where will Raul sign? (Bleeding Blue & Teal)
  • Larry Stone on the winter meetings and the 40-man (Seattle Times) UPDATE: (More)
  • LaRue on Mike Wilson, new addition to the 40-man (Mariners Insider)
  • Jon Shields on managers (Bleeding Blue & Teal)
  • Derek Zumsteg reports that Gillick is returning to Philly as an advisor.  Good.  Stay there.  (U.S.S. Mariner)

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Mariner Linkage

  • Zduriencik's first personnel move: minor league FA.  A center fielder that he draftecd in Milwaulkee.  (Bleeding BLue & Teal) More on it from Larry LaRue (Mariners Insider).  The consensus seems to be that he is a phenomenal defensive player.  It doesn't seem like he has much of a shot at the majors, but the idea of a guy being picked up by the M's for his defense is a refreshing change.
  • LaRue on Mariners free agents.  Cairo, Bloomquist, and Ibanez so none figure to be back.  (Mariners Insider)
  • Jim Street talks to Griffey's agent.  I read USSM's piece last night on him, and followed the comment thread, and I have to say I side with Dave.  No matter his cost in dollars, the opportunity cost of taking at-bats away from a potential contributor to a successful Mariner team guarantees that Junior will not ever be a bargain. (Official Site)
  • Junichi Tazawa, a 22 year old Japanese pitcher, has asked not to be drafted and will attempt to make the jump to the majors next year.  Jon Shields reports the Mariners have a meeting scheduled.  With Engle around, I am very comfortable with any international signings made by the Mariners.  I'll keep an eye on this. (Bleeding Blue & Teal)
  • Derek Zumsteg on Pat Gillick.  This post is great.  USSM is by no means a fan of Gillick, yet Derek is still able to perfectly capture Gillick's strength while highlighting his penchant for wrecking player development. (U.S.S. Mariner)
  • Larry LaRue on the fate of the Mariner coaching staff (Mariners Insider)
  • USSM and Lookout Landing on the Elias Rankings.  Raul is Type A.  Let hime walk, get the draft picks (U.S.S. Mariner, Lookout Landing)
  • Jon Shields on a potential offseason plan.  Basically a rip-off of what Dave Cameron has been saying, but doesn't make it any less true, and the more people pushing for it the better in my mind.  (Bleeding Blue & Teal)
  • Another link roudup (Mariner Melee)